Aquaflame for Wax Assembly In Investment Casting

Investment casting waxAquaflame machines are ideal for use in Investment casting wax rooms for a number of jointing and cleaning up operations. Use of a hydrogen torch allows a cleaner wax assembly leading to a reduction of inclusions in cast parts.

Use of a flame to clean up wax assemblies has a number of advantages over the current “hot knife” or “hot Spatula” systems. It generates much less smoke. Aquaflame melts the wax rather than burns it thus creating an improved wax room environment. In addition it is quicker, easier and more effective than the “hot knife” or “hot Spatula” because it is more precise and more controllable.

Aquaflame can perform the following tasks:


Aquaflame produces an oxyhydrogen flame by electrolysis – the gas is produced on demand and at low pressure. The machine is small, low capital cost and low maintenance.

Aquaflame machines are high performance oxyhydrogen gas-generating units producing a high temperature precision flame – in the range 1200-3300°C *(2200°F – 6000°F) used for soldering and welding items.

Using a standard electrical supply, hydrogen and oxygen are produced by the electrolysis of distilled water such that the hydrogen can be burnt in the oxygen. The oxyhydrogen gas is passed through an MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) solution which reduces the temperature to about 1850°C (3350°F) and transforms the flame to a blue / yellow colour. The flame is a highly controllable, efficient high energy heat source. The only product of this process, other than energy, is water. The Aquaflame is safe as it only produces gas as required; it is also efficient, clean and environmentally friendly. Aquaflame is truly a remarkable soldering /welding machine.

Aquaflame is also referred to as a water torch, micro weld (microweld), mini welder, Micro Flame, Aqua torch, Hydroflame. Hydrogem, Jewel Flame, Klein Weld

To view our video on wax assembly please go to Investment Casting Wax assembly

* While the Aquaflame will produce a flame up to 3300°C, we do not recommend using it without MEK. MEK gives the most stable flame at a temperature of about 1850°C

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