Flame & Tip Size

Flame & Tip Size

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Torch Tip
Sizes Ref
No. I/D O/D Flame
1 LM117 No. 17 1.09mm 1.50mm 210mm
2 LM118 No. 18 0.91mm 1.25mm 190mm
3 LM119 NO. 19 0.70mm 1.10mm 150mm
4 LM120 No. 20 0.60mm 0.90mm 120mm
5 LM121 NO. 21 0.51mm 0.81mm 90mm
6 LM122 NO. 22 0.40mm 0.71mm 50mm
7 LM123 NO. 23 0.31mm 0.56mm 16mm
8 LM124 No. 24 0.31mm 0.56mm 18mm

Power output & flame size comparison

NB. the above table shows model capacity based on a single user, running at full capacity.** Use of incorrect tips will void warranty