Aquaflame in investment Casting Wax Assembly

Aquaflame have just competed a new video, which highlights the use of their precision flame in Investment casting Wax rooms.

Aquaflame produces an oxyhydrogen flame by electrolysis – the gas is produced on demand and at low pressure.

The machine is small, low capital cost and low maintenance. The flame is ideal for cleaning up and jointing investment casting wax assemblies because it is precise, easy to direct and generates significantly less smoke than hot knives or spatulas – this leading to a cleaner safer wax room environment. Different tips can be used to make the flame smaller or larger depending on the task in hand. In addition it is possible to have extended nozzles to allow access into more intricate or delicate areas.

In the first instance the flame can be used for jointing small to medium sizes parts. The fame creates smooth radial joints with no undercuts. It is fast, easy to use and creates much less smoke than traditional hot spatula / knife methods. After jointing much less cleaning up or inspection is required of the final assembly because the joints are more complete.

In addition Aquaflame can be used to clean up the runner bar and wax assembly prior to shelling. The precision flame fills in undercuts, floods small and large holes, smooths out rough areas. It can also be used for preparing the runner bar before jointing to ensure it is smooth and free of positives or negatives.

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