Case Study

Avanti Jewellers

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Aquaflame Systems was recently approached by Avanti Jewellers in Ashbourne to service their micro-weld machine.  Micro welding involves welding anything smaller than traditional welding options.  A micro-weld machine can perform welding on thin or delicate materials, in this instance delicate pieces of jewellery.

Alan from Avanti Jewellers has 2 machines, one made by Aquaflame Systems and one made by a competitor.  Given the reliability of the Aquaflame, Alan decided to have us refurbish the competitor’s machine.  This was particularly essential as leading up to Christmas the machine would be in use for most of the time.


One of the stipulations made by Avanti Jewellers was that they needed the machine servicing promptly and a quick turnaround time as the busy Christmas season was fast approaching. At Aquaflame Systems we will always try to accommodate the deadlines set by our clients and work together to agree timescales.

When the machine arrived at our workshop it was immediately obvious that it needed a lot of work doing to it to ensure it was restored to good condition.  Also it was not fitted with flashback arrestors.   It’s essential that flashback arrestors are working effectively as they prevent a blow back in the event of a power failure.

As a key safety device, no machine Aquaflame Systems makes, services or refurbishes leaves the workshop without one.


Based on the urgency of the task for our client, Avanti had their refurbished machine back up and running within 3 days of Aquaflame Systems receiving it. As a result, using their micro-weld machine, they have been able to remodel, redesign or create bespoke pieces of jewelry for their clients to give as gifts in time for Christmas

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