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Case Study: Avanti Jewellers

February 14, 2019

Industry/Sector: Gems and Jewellery Client Requirements: Aquaflame Systems was recently approached by Avanti Jewellers in Ashbourne to service their micro-weld machine.  Micro welding involves welding anything smaller than traditional welding options.  A micro-weld machine can perform welding on thin or delicate materials, in this instance delicate pieces of jewellery. Alan from Avanti Jewellers has 2 machines, one made by Aquaflame Systems and one made by a competitor.  Given the reliability of the Aquaflame, Alan decided to have us refurbish the competitor’s machine.  This was particularly essential as leading up to Christmas the machine would be in use for most of the time. What we did: One of the stipulations made by Avanti Jewellers was that they needed the machine servicing promptly and a quick turnaround time as the busy Christmas season was fast approaching. At Aquaflame Systems we will always try to accommodate the deadlines set by our clients and work together to agree timescales. When the machine arrived at our workshop it was immediately obvious that it needed a lot of work doing to it to ensure it was restored to good condition.  Also it was not fitted with flashback arrestors.   It’s essential that flashback arrestors are working effectively Read More

Aquaflame Systems Makes Two Key Appointments For 2019

December 6, 2018

Due to its continued planned expansion program Aquaflame Systems Limited is pleased to announce two new key appointments for 2019. The management team is further strengthened by the appointment of Barry Peck as a Director. Barry originates from Brisbane in Australia and has a background in business consultancy. Barry’s skills include business management, customer relations and social media marketing. Also joining the Aquaflame Team is Neil Abraham, who will be responsible for the production and servicing of the Aquaflame machines. Neil has an excellent working knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering together with experience in customer service. Director Peter Wright states “I would like to welcome Barry and Neil to Aquaflame. They both bring valuable attributes to the Company, which will allow us to focus on future growth, whilst maintaining a high level of service to our existing network of UK and overseas dealers.”

Cookson UK Demo Days…

September 21, 2017

Aquaflame Systems will be holding demonstrations of the Aquaflame Soldering System at Cookson Precious Metals in the Birmingham counter showroom. Wednesday 4th October Throughout the day: Aquaflame Systems Demonstration – We are pleased to welcome Aquaflame Systems to our Demo Days for the first time. The Aquaflame is a high performance, gas generated micro soldering unit which is used widely for precision soldering, micro welding and edge polishing acrylic. Come along and take the opportunity to talk to the Aquaflame team, ask questions and see them demonstrating the unit! Thursday 5th October – Aquaflame will be present throughout the day on Thursday pop along and see what can be done and chat to the Aquaflame team. Leave us a business card and give us a ‘like’ on our Facebook page for a chance to win one of our automatic torch lighters – the draw will take place after the demo days we will contact the winner and put your name on the website. Good luck.

Aquaflame in investment Casting Wax Assembly

August 23, 2017

Aquaflame have just competed a new video, which highlights the use of their precision flame in Investment casting Wax rooms. Aquaflame produces an oxyhydrogen flame by electrolysis – the gas is produced on demand and at low pressure. The machine is small, low capital cost and low maintenance. The flame is ideal for cleaning up and jointing investment casting wax assemblies because it is precise, easy to direct and generates significantly less smoke than hot knives or spatulas – this leading to a cleaner safer wax room environment. Different tips can be used to make the flame smaller or larger depending on the task in hand. In addition it is possible to have extended nozzles to allow access into more intricate or delicate areas. In the first instance the flame can be used for jointing small to medium sizes parts. The fame creates smooth radial joints with no undercuts. It is fast, easy to use and creates much less smoke than traditional hot spatula / knife methods. After jointing much less cleaning up or inspection is required of the final assembly because the joints are more complete. In addition Aquaflame can be used to clean up the runner bar and Read More

Craig Rogers Production Manager Curteis Ltd, Shropshire, UK

July 28, 2017

We have used Aquaflame for over 15 years and the service we have received in that time has been excellent. Whether it is the servicing of our equipment, new up to date products or just a general catch up regarding business, Aquaflame has always been held in the highest regard by our company and provides us with exactly what we need to keep our business moving forward.

Angela Evans, UK Jeweller

Can I just say thank you to you for your excellent help whilst I was making the purchase, it really did help when dealing with the seller, I’ve been very impressed with the service I’ve received from you at Aquaflame and I can’t wait to try out my machine now!

Usman Khan, Product Manager, Cookson UK

I am proud to be the official UK Distributor for Aquaflame. Aquaflame offers great British made quality with high technical knowledge and service. I have dealt with Aquaflame for over 5 years and look forward to future developments and delivery key needs to UK jewellers

Keith Richardson 
 HFW, Singapore

Happily this is where you came in and provided practical and timely assistance with getting or making my own MEK. Since then the Aquaflame has worked faultlessly. I must say that the aftercare was first class, prompt and practical given that you do not know Singapore that well. I certainly would recommend you and your product to anyone that asked

Tom Hughes, Mid West Graphics, Shrewsbury, UK

Aquaflame have been excellent to work with. The equipment they supply as well as the customer service they offer is second to none

Mark Williams, Jeweller, UK

What can I say about Aquaflame, well I’m a sole trader for 35 years working in the Jewellery trade, I work for several independent Jewellers shops who depend on me to do their repairs, alterations & manufacturing work, as much as the shops depend on me, I depend on my Aquaflame , working 6 or 7 days a week, 10 hours a day, what a great machine it is, I use the 800 Aquaflame, which I have two of, just so I always have a back up for when they get serviced every 2 years!! I don’t know what I would do without my Aquaflame machine, a great tool for any jobbing & manufacturing Jeweller, very easy to work with and maintain

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